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Image by Ugur Akdemir

Tomorrow’s Awesome Games Showcase (TAGS) is a premier event that brings together the best and brightest in the gaming industry. Our mission is to help tomorrow's success and headline makers in gaming industry spread the word about their truly worthwhile creations. Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates the future of gaming.

Split into education showcase and a up and coming showcase


Student showcase:

  • Only students at Danish educations are eligible to join

  • Audience and influencer award


Up and coming showcase:

  • Any game that is playable and has been live (released) for less than 12 month is eligible to join

  • Audience and an influencer award



Friday 12/1

9-12, “School day” with a fixed program for invited schools

12-15, The students visit the festival, so please be ready here.

15-20, The festival is open to the public.


Saturday 13/1

10-18, The festival is open to the public.


Sunday 14/1

10-18, The festival is open to the public.



When we call it Tomorrow’s Awesome Games Showcase, we mean it. The games we want to show off needs to be awesome. With this in mind we have decided to set a selection criteria to be awesomeness of a game specifically. Whether your game is fun, scary, co-op or a puzzle game, above all else it should be an awesome experience.


Your game should be able to be shown at the venue and games that lend themselves to be shown off better, will be favoured. An example of this could be a game that requires complete silence or total darkness compared to a 2 player co-op game. This also means if a game takes up a lot of space, this will also be taken into consideration. Game selection can be affected by how easy it is to showcase. This includes number of machines needed, need for special regard to audio, video and intaction and how much space is needed. By default everyone attending the showcase will have one computer with one monitor, a mouse and a keyboard.

For any relevant questions please feel free to write us an email at

Save Your Spot
DEADLINE FOR SIGN UP: 15th of December 2024 at Midnight (CET)

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